Earth Observatory Library, Recent Image Browser

NASA’s EOL site is a treasure trove of images from space taken by astronauts during their missions. Their database, the “Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth” records the location and a description of over 600,000 astronaut photographs. The database can be queried by location, camera type, date, mission, etc. Updates are pushed into the database a few times a week as images are downloaded from the International Space Station.

I enjoy looking through the recent images, but I don't enjoy EOL’s outdated interface and only being able to see 50 imgaes per page in a single column!

Recent EOL Updates:

Total Images on this website: 19002

How to use the site

As new images are posted to the database, they will show up on the front page here. The most recent 1000 will load as you scroll.

I don’t own or controll any of the images. This is not real time data as it usually takes a couple of weeks for the images to get posted by NASA. You'll also notice that the images can be very repeditive as the astronauts often set up time lapse photography on the station. There might be 100 photos in a row with from the same angle!